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£50 million approved to support Grenfell recovery

£50 million funding was agreed by the Council’s Leadership Team last night (Wednesday 9 January) to support the recovery of those affected by the Grenfell tragedy over the next five years.

Councillors also approved an overarching Grenfell Recovery Strategy, which sets out the plans to support the bereaved, survivors and the wider community to build better futures for themselves and their families.

Since July, the Council has been co-designing a dedicated service with the bereaved and survivors to meet their needs. A service has now been set up in initial form with the full service to be up and running by April. The dedicated service will be at the heart of recovery for those most affected.

The Recovery Strategy also outlines how the Council will work with residents towards a community-led recovery. The plans have been informed by a wide range of engagement activity. Over 300 people joined the Stronger Communities conversations at drop-ins and workshops held around North Kensington last Autumn. These sessions, along with the ideas shared on the Stronger Communities website, provided the Council with over 800 suggestions. Residents were able to choose the top 10 ideas they felt were most important at the Stronger Communities Ideas Day in November 2018. The way in which each idea will be taken forward is outlined in the Recovery Strategy.

For the wider community, in addition to ongoing support for those affected, the Council has committed to developing a community programme for the local area, which will ensure that existing strengths and talents within the community are built on. This will include a community leadership development programme, a grants pot for local organisations (with specific funding for some of the community priorities identified in the Creating Stronger Communities conversations) and plans for community spaces in the area.

Now that the Strategy and funding have been approved, we will be working with the local community to develop the community programme and the other ideas, as we have worked with the bereaved and survivors to co-design the Dedicated Service.

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