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Community iconCommunity

How can the Council and its partners work better with you?

The Council wants to continue to change how we work with you, create new relationships and build on the relationships we already have with you.

We have a plan to respond to the independent review of how the Council makes decisions, and how we engage with residents, local businesses and organisations to make those decisions.

We have an opportunity to explore new ways of working with you, including looking at how we can help you to carry out your own engagement activities to shape the services we deliver.

From our conversations with local communities so far, here are some suggested ideas:

  • Create partnerships between the Council, police, NHS, local businesses and residents to tackle local issues
  • Work more closely with residents’ associations
  • Design more services in collaboration with the community
  • Help local businesses to have their say on the future of services

Diversity iconDiversity

What can the Council and its partners do to build better relationships with our diverse communities?

Our communities are ethnically, religiously, economically and socially diverse places.

We want to hear from you about how we can design services that meet your different needs.

We are determined to build on the strengths and skills of our diverse local residents.

From our conversations with local communities so far, here are some suggested ideas:

  • Train Council staff and councillors so they have a greater understanding of our diverse communities
  • Encourage and work closely with residents to ensure they also take responsibility to better understand different communities needs
  •  Make sure that Council decisions, services and policies have equalities assessments to ensure they consider the impact on our diverse communities
  • Create diverse working groups to hold conversations about how services are designed and delivered

Health & Wellbeing iconHealth & Wellbeing

What can the Council do to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents?

The Council and its partners are committed to providing good quality, accessible health and wellbeing services.

We want to listen to you to ensure that these services meet your needs.

The NHS will be talking to residents separately about its own services –  however, the NHS and the Council want to hear from you about how we might better join up our services to provide you with an improved experience.

To help us deliver the right health and wellbeing services please share your thoughts and ideas  in the text box below.

From our conversations with local communities so far, here are some suggested ideas:

  • More information about what’s available
  • Consider more culturally-specific services
  • Work more closely with schools and young people

Jobs & Skills iconJobs & Skills

What can the Council do to support people gain new skills and get into work?

The Council wants to develop a new work and skills strategy which will include actions to help more people, particularly younger people and people with disabilities and long-term conditions, to gain qualifications and get into work.

We want to understand what your aspirations and ambitions are so that we can explore new ways of linking people to opportunities in the borough and across London.

We also want to support residents to find work, increase their potential to earn more and be able to start their own businesses if they wish.

We can do this by working with employers and partners to make sure you have access to as many opportunities as possible.

From our conversations with local communities so far, here are some suggested ideas:

  • Increase efforts to support local recruitment in Council contracts and services
  • Apprenticeships with local employers
  • Work with local employers to advertise more vacancies within the borough to recruit locally
  • Work with schools and youth service providers to ensure young people have access to career advice and work experience opportunities
  • Support access to advice and assistance for those wishing to start new businesses or pursue self-employment

Places & Spaces iconPlaces & Spaces

What can the Council focus on to improve your local places and spaces?

The Council wants to ensure that the shared spaces in North Kensington are spaces that support the community to thrive.

The work we’ve started to co-design the refurbishment of the Lancaster West Estate is a good example of how we want to change the way we work with you to shape your local area.

We want to talk to you about how we currently use existing buildings and open spaces, and what might need to change to make them better.

We also want to explore ways of involving local people in decisions about planning and land use.

From our conversations with local communities so far, here are some suggested ideas:

  • Play spaces for children
  • Places and spaces for the whole community to come together
  • Places for community learning
  • Ensuring local voices are heard in planning decisions

Young Lives iconYoung Lives

What can the Council do to improve the prospects for young people?

We know that for our communities to thrive they must have young people (18-25 year olds) at their heart. The population of North Kensington in general, and Notting Dale ward in particular, is younger than the average in the borough.

The area has excellent children’s services and schools, but there are comparatively high rates of child poverty and of young people not in employment, education or training.

We want to hear from young people about what matters most to them and explore ways of improving opportunities, including mentoring and volunteering programmes, apprenticeships and other post-16 provision.

From our conversations with local communities so far, here are some suggested ideas:

  • Set up a Youth Council
  • Use better technology and social media
  • Career advice and work experience
  • More places for young people to keep fit and stay healthy

What do you think the Council should do to strengthen your role in shaping future services?

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