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Information about ways to make this website easier to use even if you are new to using the Internet.

This page has advice on how you can:

–  change the font size on this website

–  use other ways to look around this website

–  find links to more information to make this website easier to use

We make every effort to make sure our website is easy to use.

It doesn’t matter which web browser you use.

There are many ways you can make this website more accessible.

You can use:

–  the Tools, Options or View menu on your browser to change the font size

–  screen reading software to find information if you are blind or visually – impaired

–  the tab key on your keyboard to move around the website from link to link. (Or hold shift and tab to go backwards).

We have also made sure that:

–  our menus all look the same to make it easy for you to find your way around

–  all images have alternative text (alt text) to describe the image

–  we use plain English