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Working together for stronger communities

We want your ideas, your thoughts, and your opinions on a range of local topics to strengthen our communities further and improve our future.

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Why are we asking for your thoughts and ideas?

The community

We know that our communities in North Kensington are strong and resilient, but we also know that you have ideas and need resources, support and opportunities to make them even stronger.

You’ve already given us lots of ideas and we are working on them. However we would love to hear more and would like you to share your thoughts with us as we know things are constantly changing.

Once we have your ideas we will pull everything together into a plan. We will then set out what you’ve told us matters most to you and the steps we all need to take to improve the lives of the residents of North Kensington.

Let’s work together to create the communities you want.


We are looking for suggestions on six topics:

  1. Community icon Community
  2. Diversity icon Diversity
  3. Health & Wellbeing icon Health & Wellbeing
  4. Jobs & Skills icon Jobs & Skills
  5. Places & Spaces icon Places & Spaces
  6. Young Lives icon Young Lives

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Latest Ideas

Read ideas from the community and then tell us your own

  1. Places & Spaces icon

    Places & Spaces

    Places and Spaces

    When asked about what could be done better in relation to places and spaces around North Kensington, one resident shared that they felt there was a lot of good free services for children but not enough for adults.

    The resident explained that people feel like they don’t have places to socialise that are not expensive. Affordable places for people of all ages to meet are crucial in any strong community. Awareness needs to be raised of the spaces available to residents.

  2. Jobs & Skills icon

    Jobs & Skills

    Jobs & Skills

    At a recent drop-in, one resident shared how they felt that there wasn’t enough choice at local colleges for residents with low incomes who want to gain a qualification in a trade such as plumbing. They also felt that there was an absence of short courses for residents who can’t afford to commit to long term qualifications.

  3. Diversity icon



    At one drop in session, a resident shared with us how they wanted more activities for residents over 25 with visual impairments. They said that while all activities for that age-range are appreciated, having some dedicated events and activities for those with visual impairments would be well received.

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